SideQuest saddle tank

SIDEQUEST SADDLE TANK—Contact your local Demco dealer for pricing on Demco 1,200-gallon SideQuest saddle tanks. As with our previous SideQuest units, these tanks mount on the side of the tractor. Each tank has a capacity of 600 gallons. There is an excellent front to rear weight distribution ratio with 25 percent of the weight in the front and 75 percent in the rear, minimizing stress to the tractor frame. The oil bath hub is positioned for improved weight distribution. The new SideQuest tank design offers superb visibility out of the tractor cab to all directions. There is a 16" fillwell along with a new, larger center sump. This two-stage sump provides complete drainage. Our new SideQuest offers a ladder for safer, easier filling, and has larger bearings and spindles. Add a Demco sprayer boom for excellent maneuverability while spraying your fields with your own tractor, without the expense and maintenance of a self-propelled sprayer. For more information, call 800-543-3626 or visit