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Hay trade mixed as new crop comes in


In Nebraska and the East River area of South Dakota, compared to last week, (which was the first week with new crop hay prices) trading is light with prices steady on a few sales reported. Dehydrated steady to $5 lower on cash price, according to the USDA Market News Service, July 19. Prices given on a per-ton basis, unless otherwise noted.

Northeast/central— Good/premium new crop alfalfa, in large squares, dairy, $250; good, large rounds, $170-$190, few local sales $200. Good grass/brome, large rounds, $140-$160, $200 delivered. Cornstalks, in large rounds, $70-$90. Soybean bales, $70. Straw, large rounds, $130-$140 delivered. Dehydrated alfalfa pellets, 17 percent protein, $335-$340, meal $340.

Platte Valley— Good new crop alfalfa, large rounds, $170-$190. Good grass/brome, large rounds, $150. Ground alfalfa $250/delivered; Blended alfalfa ground $230/delivered. Corn stalks, ground $120-$140/delivered. Dehydrated alfalfa pellets, 17 percent protein, $330; alfalfa meal $336-$337.

East River area of South Dakota— Supreme alfalfa, large squares, $280; Good/premium, large squares, 250; utility /fair, large rounds, $135. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets, 15%, $270, alfalfa meal, 17%, $280. Good grass, large squares, $185; fair/good, large rounds, $150; utility/fair, large squares, $135. Fair/good alfalfa/grass mix, large squares, $125. Wheat hay, large rounds, picked up out of the field, $90. Wheat straw, large rounds, delivered short haul, $95.

In Iowa, compared to last week, alfalfa sold steady on a light test. There is quite a lot of low quality alfalfa on first cutting due to excess rain in most areas of the state. Second cutting is looking good.

South central/north central— Good alfalfa, large squares, $210-$230; fair, large squares, $150. Good alfalfa/grass mix, small squares, $280. Good grass/brome, large squares, $150. Straw, large squares, $110-$115. Rye, large rounds, $60/bale.

Rock Valley—Premium, large squares, $235, large rounds, $230-$235; good, large squares, $180-$210, large rounds, $165-$210. Fair grass, small squares, $135, large squares, $135-$145, large rounds, $130-$145; utility, small squares, $100-$120, large rounds, $115-$125. Good mixed hay, large rounds, $185; fair, large rounds, $150-$155; utility, large rounds$125-$127.50. Cornstalks, large rounds, $40-$77.50. Straw, large squares, $105-$125, large rounds, $140.

In Minnesota, all classes of hay steady.

Premium alfalfa, large squares, $200. Good grass, large rounds, $115-$135, small squares, $130-$140; fair, large rounds, $80-$105, small squares, $100-$105; utility, large rounds, $70-$75. Good, mixed alfalfa/grass, large rounds, $120. Good alfalfa/timothy mix, small squares, $105-$115. Corn stalks, large rounds, $31/bale.

In Montana, compared to last week all classes of hay steady. Best demand for hay in the western half of the state from out of state buyers as drought conditions remain in their respective states. Sales are still limited across the state as both growers and hay buyers are uncertain of where to mark their bids/offers.

Good/premium alfalfa, large squares, $170; good, large squares, $160; fair/good, large rounds eastern Montana, $100; fair, large squares, $130. Premium grass, large squares, small lots horse hay, $180; small squares, old crop, $240. Straw, no reported sales.

In Wyoming, western Nebraska, and western South Dakota, all classes traded steady to weak. Trading activity was slow to inactive on light demand.

Eastern—Premium alfalfa, large squares, $215; good, $205-$215; fair, $200-$210. Dehydrated alfalfa pellets, 17% protein, $310 delivered wholesale. Premium grass/alfalfa mix, small squares: $300. Premium grass, small squares, $285. Premium wheat hay/alfalfa mix, large squares, $151. No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Central/western Wyoming— Premium/supreme alfalfa, large squares, $240; good, $180-$200.

Premium grass/alfalfa mix, small squares, $250; premium, large squares, $265; fair to good, $150-$175. No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Western Nebraska—Good alfalfa, large squares, $200; ground and delivered $220. Premium wheat hay, large squares, $150. No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Western South Dakota—Good alfalfa, large squares, $180-$200, large rounds, $150-$175. No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

In Colorado, prices are mostly steady to weak, on light demand.

Northeast—Premium alfalfa, large squares, $240-$250; good $215-$220, $225-$235 delivered; fair, $200-$210; good, ground and delivered, $250-$255; premium, standing in the field, $170; good $150. Premium grass, small squares, $300-$350 ($10-$12/bale). Premium, large squares, 350. Premium grass/alfalfa mix, small squares, $250-$275. Corn stalks, large rounds, $85-$100, $110-$125 delivered Straw, large squares, $85-$95. No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Southeast— Premium alfalfa, small squares, $250-$275, instances of $300 ($8-$10/bale). No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

San Luis Valley —Premium alfalfa, large squares, $230-$240. Good winter rye, large squares, $170. No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Southwest— Supreme alfalfa, large squares, $250-$260, instances $275-$300; premium, small squares, $250-$300 ($8-$10/bale). No reported quotes from other classes of hay.

Mountains/northwest— Premium grass, large squares, $250-$300; fair/good, $200-$215; premium, small squares, $300-$350 ($8-$10/bale). No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

In Missouri, hay supply is heavy, demand is light to moderate and prices are steady to firm.

Supreme alfalfa, $250-$300; premium $200-$275; good $160-$225; fair $100-$170. Good mixed grass, $100-$160; fair/good mixed grass, $90-$125; fair mixed grass, large rounds, $30-$45/bale. Good brome, $120-$160; fair brome, $100-$125. Haylage $85-$150. Wheat hay, $80-$100. Wheat straw, small squares, $3-$5/bale.

In Oklahoma, alfalfa movement varied from slow to moderate in central and eastern counties to fairly active in western and northwestern areas. Demand also varied from light to good, improved over past few weeks. Grass hay movement slow to moderate in all areas this week. Offerings are more than adequate for demand.

Central—Premium alfalfa, loaded on truck at edge of field, $210-$230; good/premium, at edge of field, $180-$200; fair/good, including grassy alfalfa, $150-$160. Few loads horse hay moving locally, small squares, $350-$400 in. Same quality sold by the bale 10-13 per bale. Good wheat hay, $40-$55/bale, mostly $45/bale in 4 x 5 or 5 x 5 bales, by the ton $90-$100. Bermuda, 4 x 5 bales, $45-$60/bale, 5 x 6 bales, $60-$70/bale. Prairie hay, 4 x 5 bales, $40-$50/bale. Good mixed grass, small squares, in the field, $4-$7/bale. Bermuda, horse quality, $8-$9/bale, $260-$300.

Eastern—Fair/good grassy alfalfa, $170-$190, mostly $180, small squares, $9-$12/bale. Good rye and mixed grass, in 4 x 5 bales, $40-$50/bale; 5 x 6 bales, $55-$70/bale. Mixed grass, small squares, mostly $5-$7/bale, instances $4.

Western—Premium alfalfa, edge of field, $210-$220, instances $230; fair/good, $150-$190. Good wheat hay, $45-$60/bale in southern and central Oklahoma, sold by the ton, at edge of field, $90-$110; in Panhandle counties, $140-$150, loaded on truck at edge of field. Good straw hay, $65-$75.

In Texas, trade on hay light to moderate most of the week.

Panhandle/High Plains—Premium/supreme alfalfa, small bales, delivered, $11-$12/bale; good, $8-$11/bale; premium/supreme, in large bales, delivered, $275-$290, some sales $295-$300; good/premium, $250-$275; fair/good, $200-$250; premium/supreme, small bales, FOB, $10-$11/bale, $300-$365; premium/supreme, large bales, FOB, $250-$270; good/premium, $230-$250. Chopped alfalfa, delivered to feedlots, north, $240-$260; south, $240-$270, calf hay $270-$300. Wheat hay, large bales, delivered, bearded, $145-$175; beardless, $175-$185. Coastal bermuda, large bales delivered, $190-$200, $100/bale; small bales, $10-$10.50/bale.

Far west/Trans Pecos—Premium/supreme new-crop alfalfa, small squares, FOB, $280-$395, $8-$12/bale; large squares, FOB, $240-$250; supreme instances, $280; medium squares, $270; fair/good, $200-$230.

North/central/east—Premium/supreme alfalfa, small bales, delivered, $13-14/bale; large squares, delivered, $275-$300; good/premium, $250-$275. Good/premium coastal bermuda, small squares, FOB, $230-$265, $7-$8/bale; fair/good, $5-$7/bale; good/premium, large rounds, FOB, $50-$80; $100-$160/ton; good, $40-$50/roll, $80-$100.

South— Good/premium coastal bermuda, small squares, FOB, $230-$265, $7-$8/bale; fair to good, $165-$230, $5-$7/bale; good/premium, large rounds, FOB and delivered locally, $100-$140; $50-$70/roll.

In New Mexico, alfalfa hay prices steady. Trade and demand moderate, movement slow. Most hay moving out of area.

Eastern—Premium/supreme alfalfa, large squares, $275-$285 delivered from out of region; feedlot hay ground and delivered, $265-$275; premium/supreme, small bales, $10/bale. Wheat hay, large squares, $165-$175.

Southeast— Premium/supreme alfalfa, in large squares, $245-$260, delivered to dairy. Premium/supreme, small bales, $275-$300.

Southern/southwest—Premium/supreme alfalfa, large squares, $210-$230, $250, Hatch Valley area per ton delivered to dairies. Premium/supreme, small bales, $280-$300; $8.50-$9/bale. Sudan, large squares, delivered to dairies, $150-$170.

North-central—Premium/supreme alfalfa, large squares, $230-$250, small bales, $8-$10/bale, $280-$300. Most hay being stacked for later sale.

Date: 7/29/2013

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