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Choosing your 'tude


By Holly Martin

To borrow a phrase from Associate Editor Jennifer M. Latzke, I’m “choosing my ’tude” today.

And you know what? Sometimes that’s all you can do.

For example, let’s pose the hypothetical situation that you and a co-worker are traveling home from a business meeting. Your flight boards on time, but you sit on the runway for nearly two hours. Just as they decide to go back to the gate, your flight is cleared for takeoff. You take off, fly for 30 minutes, only to have the plane re-routed back to the original airport. You land, unboard, reboard, take off and land at your layover destination five hours late. You’ve missed your connection and the airline cannot get you booked on a new flight until 24 hours later. So you decide to drive the last eight hours. You take a shuttle to the rental car counter, where you discover that every car at the airport is rented.

It’s time to think outside the box. So you search flights and decide that you can get a different flight to a different airport earlier in the next day. By this time it is actually “the next day.” You pray that a co-worker will take pity on you in the morning and come pick you up at the new airport. It’s way too late to call at this hour. You call 15 hotels, looking for a room. Eventually, you find one that has rooms available. You wait 45 minutes on the hotel shuttle. He never shows, so you take a cab. You get to the hotel in enough time to take what can only be called a long nap and get up the next morning to go back to the airport and do it all over again.

Let’s just say this happened to you. You can get frustrated and mad or, you can “choose your ’tude” and keep on smiling. After all, this is some great column material.

Sometimes, things happen that you simply can’t control. As farmers and ranchers, it can often seem like entirely too many things are out of your control.

How often has the tractor broken down, just 10 acres from getting the planting done for the season? Or you put the first cutting of alfalfa down, only to have it rain—after a 10 percent chance of rain? Or the market falls due to some unexpected news, just when you were ready to capitalize on some pretty good profits.

It happens. And sometimes, it happens all in one day. Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand there’s a big financial difference between a bad travel day and the uncontrollable challenges that farmers face every day.

I often think that the farmers I know have to be the most eternal optimists. It takes a lot to get them down. They understand that a good chunk of their business is out of their control and yet, they keep the faith. They work hard, controlling what they can, and “choosing their ’tude” about the rest.

And that’s the best way to be. Control what you can. Smile about the rest.

Holly Martin can be reached by phone at 1-800-452-7171 ext. 1806, or by email at

Date: 8/19/2013


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