Malatya Haber Osowski Ag Service begins journey home
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Osowski Ag Service begins journey home

Thursday, Aug. 8

We cut for 45 minutes. It rains. We cut for an hour. It rains. This has been how the last few days have been going for Osowski Ag Service. We have been able to start cutting around 4:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., and then get shut down shortly after and chased out of the field by rain. The funny thing is the clouds target different fields every night, almost like they are taunting us. Almost like they are saying, “Oh hey, you think you can cut this field today? You have 45 minutes. Ready, set, go!”

With this extra time we have been having, I am happy to say we have been able to have some fun, non-harvest related! I got to run to Cheyenne, Wyo., to get parts for Dad, so I was able to hit up every thrift store in town and get some awesome Wyoming T-shirts to wear back in North Dakota. We made a family Walmart run along with eating supper with some harvest friends, the Russells, in Scottsbluff, Neb. Brandon and I decided to buy a football to keep in the service truck since we end up hanging out at the end of the field so often lately.

Quote of the Day: “Whoa, so that’s what an adrenaline rush feels like!”

Harvest Tip—Beat the rain. We wish we could have followed this tip ourselves.

Sunday, Aug. 11

I was given the privilege to take the last load to the Hemingford elevator for the 2013 harvest season. There was literally one fly in the cab of my truck on my trip there that drove me crazy so it is definitely a trip that is etched into my memory. We have been here a lot longer than we harvest types like to be in the same place, so we were “itching” to get back on the road again. And our next stop is home, which means we will all get our own rooms again! Sounds like a simple luxury but we appreciate it. Once we roaded all the equipment back to town, removed the duals from the combine and fueled up Purple and Petey, we loaded equipment up and parked our rigs. We did an average of 30 bushels per acre for our farmer with dryland and then 102 bushel per acre average for the two farmers we had with irrigated wheat. It’s funny, we have been here for almost two weeks now and as you know, Roland Harvesting is not only harvesting in Hemingford but are from here as well. Last night, our last night in town, we were at a local restaurant in town and who do I see but none other than Megan Roland! It was one of those awkward stare-down type things, where I saw her and she saw me but neither of us were sure. Once we did, it was like we had been friends all along and I am glad we were able to meet!

Now brings us to today. We woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for day one of the journey home. It is 800 miles back and with wide loads only able to go 60 mph downhill, we have found throughout the years that this time cannot be beat. Mom leads the way pulling the trailer with the pickup, Dad comes second pulling the combine and hopper bottom with Petey, I am third pulling the tractor/grain cart with Purple and Brandon brings up the rear with the service truck and header. Travel day one: complete!

Quote of the Day: “I did my part for the environment. I ran over a snake.”

Harvest Tip—Organization is key when loading equipment and heading to the next stop. Nobody will want to FedEx that spare tire you left behind.

Stephanie Osowski can be reached at

Date: 8/19/2013


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