0629_allaboardjenna_lb.cfm Finishing up in Seiling, Okla.
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Finishing up in Seiling, Okla.

Tuesday, June 16

LAST LOAD--Jenna's mom, Tracy, unloads wheat grain from the last field the family cut in Seiling, Okla. The Zeorian Harvesting crew took their last load of wheat in June 19. After unpredictable weather and a few minor repairs, the family crew was able to get ready to move to Manter, Kan. (Journal photo by Jenna Zeorian.)

Today was a hot day. It was in the high 90s with high humidity. Of all the days for the air conditioner in the front of the trailer house to break--it broke today. We still have the one in the back working for now, which we are extremely thankful for.

It rained a little last night, so my parents did not even attempt to cut until after lunch. They were able to cut only18 acres before they had to call it quits because it was too tough, due to the high humidity. The forecast shows it is supposed to be hot and dry for the rest of the week, so I hope that is true. It would be great for cutting, but not good for a hot trailer house, though.

My excitement for the day was going to Wheeler Brothers Grain to visit with Cathy and the staff. They seem like really great people, and I'm not just saying that because they gave me a free pop. I will probably have to go visit more often since they are the only people I know in town.

Late in the afternoon, our grain truck broke down. A spring on the drive axel, which helps carry the load and keep the axels in line, broke. Dad was able to drive it to a repair shop in Elk City, Okla., which is about 70 miles away. I drove down there to pick him up so Mom could keep cutting. We did not get back to Seiling, Okla., until around 2 a.m., but Dad and I did have a nice little chat about politics and combines on the way back to camp.

Wednesday, June 17

Yesterday and today were good days for harvesting wheat. The weather has been hot and dry, so we are not fighting green wheat anymore. We were finally able to really get some acres covered. We are no longer fighting green wheat and the weather has been hot and dry, so we have finally been able to really "go." Therefore, we have cut about 285 acres within the past two days. This is pretty good for one machine, especially in terraced fields.

Our air conditioner in the front of the trailer house is still broken. Needless to say, it has been a little toasty during the past couple days with temperatures near 100 degrees.

We have about two days left of cutting here in Seiling. That is, "if nothing happens," as Dad always says.

Thursday, Jun 18

I'm going to be honest. Today was not the best day.

We had a small problem with the combine first thing this morning, so Mom and I went to Fairview, Okla., to pick up a part. After we got back and Dad got the combine running, he and I went to Elk City to get the grain truck that had been in the repair shop. As Dad was driving the truck out of the shop, he realized something had been done incorrectly and needed to be fixed. These repairs took up the rest of the afternoon and we didn't get back to the field until about 6 p.m. A couple of hours later we ran into a problem with the combine header. Last I knew, it sounded like there was a good chance that it would work after the repairs, but the part we need to really fix it would not be here until Saturday.

Don't get the impression that we are broken down a lot, because it is actually the opposite. My parents do everything in their power to prevent breakdowns and we rarely have problems. Things just happen sometimes and it's just part of harvest.

Friday, June 19

Even with all of the bad luck we had yesterday, we were thankfully able to cut today. Mom and Dad were working on the last field and there was rain in the forecast, so they continued to harvest until after midnight to finish cutting. Luckily, they beat the rain by about 15 minutes.

Saturday, June 20

So, we finished cutting here in Seiling. Today we loaded equipment and got everything ready to make the move North. Tomorrow we'll move to our next stop in Manter, Kan.

Earlier today, I did a really stupid thing when Dad and I were hooking the header trailer to the pickup. As Dad was backing up the pickup, I was lifting up the tongue on the trailer and, before I knew it, my fingers were being pinched between it and the hitch. After screaming at Dad to drive forward and freeing my hand, I yelled and jumped up and down for a while. Mom almost passed out when she saw my hand. Needless to say, I learned my lesson.

On another note, I want to mention the awesome thing that Dianna Chain of Seiling, Okla., did for us the other day. Dianna is the editor of the town newspaper and I met her this past week at the grain elevator. She cooks for a large number of people during the harvest season, so we discussed cooking and she gave me a couple of recipes.

On Thursday afternoon, Dianna called me while I was waiting with Dad for the truck to be repaired in Elk City, Okla., and said that she was cooking for her crew and would like to share with us. So when I got back to town, I met Dianna at the elevator and she gave me a complete meal to take to my family for supper. It was very awesome of her to do that and she could not have planned a better day to help us out. We were very appreciative of Diana who helped us out and made a delicious meal.

Jenna can be reached at jenna@allaboardharvest.com.

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