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Big Data

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In our Big Data series, High Plains Journal editors take an in-depth look at what big data means to farmers and ranchers. Kylene Scott, Larry Dreiling, Doug Rich, Jennifer M. Latzke and Jennifer Carrico discuss what it means and how big data can be used by today's producers.

Big Data

  • Big data: What does it all mean?

    Is it a tsunami, an avalanche or a tornado? No, it is just big data—but many producers feel like they have been hit by a storm.
  • Big data policies are moving with technology

    In early March, when High Plains Journal last talked to Hayden, Idaho, farmer Robert Blair (see Farmer describes journey to FAA drone licensing), he had just become one of 12 individuals or companies that received an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate an unmanned aircraft ...

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  • Quick fix

    This has definitely been a week of emotions for the mother-figure at Sutton Central. The oldest daughter, Casey, started as a freshman at K-State and my son, Cade, started high school. The baby of the family, Baylin, came home from daycare with a 104.5 degree temperature. “Don’t worry,” the doctor s...
  • Sometimes a visual aid is what it takes

    Did you all see this video? All too often those who aren't familiar with farming practices uses inflammatory words to describe herbicide application. You might remember when I wrote about it here. 
  • Fascinated by a foul-smelling plant

    Yesterday, hundreds [update: make that thousands] of visitors to the Denver Botanic Gardens were waiting in line for hours to see—and smell—a large exotic plant: the Amorphophallus titanum, or corpse flower. According to the Denver Botanic Gardens' website, "The plant’s first bloom occurs after 8-20...

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  • Pasture Walk

    David Kraft (right) Natural Resources Conservation Service state rangeland management specialist, gives a brief introduction before a pasture walk on June 23 near Welda, Kansas. The pasture walk was s...
  • Farm Dog

    No matter the breed, every farm dog has to keep a close watch on the livestock. Some do it with a smile on their face. (Journal photo by Lacey Newlin.)