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Natural enzyme examined as antibiotics alternative

ARS scientists are studying a natural antimicrobial enzyme as a possible alternative to antibiotics for promoting pig health and growth. (Photo courtesy of ARS News Service.)

Lysozyme, a naturally occurring antimicrobial enzyme, is used in food and beverage applications such as cheese- and wine-making. Now, it may also prove useful as an antibiotic alternative for improved feed efficiency and growth in pigs, according to studies by U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists.

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  • NWSS celebrates state funding passage

    Fresh from the passage of legislation permitting partial state backing of a makeover that could reach $1 billion in total costs, members of the National Western Association, which operates the National Western Stock Show, recently celebrated with a luncheon and annual meeting.
  • Challenging year for meat exports

    The past year has been more challenging than most for the meat export business, according to Phil Seng, United States Meat Export Federation president and CEO. Speaking from the USMEF annual board of directors meeting San Antonio, Texas, Seng and other regional directors reviewed the past year durin...
  • Bermuda grass a moneymaker for hay producer

    In Elmer Porter’s part of the world, it rains. And with rain, the 74-year-old farmer can produce more hay than he knows what to do with some years.
  • Emma: You mean we get to harvest?!

    Harvest 2015 has arrived! This statement is fairly simple, I admit, but it is profound! I will say it again: HARVEST 2015 HAS ARRIVED! Why am I so happy about this? Seven years ago, the ugly face of drought made an appearance. Each subsequent year has progressively gotten worse. 2011 was the first y...
  • Laura: The delicate dance of harvest plans versus the reality of nature

    When it comes to harvest work, it isn't unusual that the best laid plans often get sidelined by the reality of nature. Schedule flexibility is the name of the game (a life skill I have to continue work on). Originally, we thought we'd have made the final move down south by now. However, frequent rai...
  • Megan: Gearin' up for another season

    Anyone who has spent a summer on a custom harvesting crew knows the feeling that sets in this time of year. The anticipation of harvest adventures and the excitement of heading down the road consumes your thoughts. You can practically smell the hint of wheat dust and feel the warm sunshine on your c...

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  • Shut the barn door!

    The phrase, “Were you born in a barn?” takes on an entirely new meaning in this posting. Barn doors have become very popular functional and decorative pieces in even the most modern home designs. Watch any design program on HGTV and barn doors are incorporated in many of the most sleek, modern homes...
  • Quick grillers

    In between the rain events the past few weeks we’ve sneaked in as much grilling as we can. Outdoor food preparation is especially enjoyable this time of year before the heat of the summer sets in. We often throw a few ribeye steaks or salmon fillets in a marinade around lunch time and by dinner they...
  • Sleeping like a dog

    Let sleeping dogs lie… in a satin covered canopy bed with a plush cushion. That’s the rule in my house. Yes, only the top shelf for my canine companions. My two dogs, Audrey and Elizabeth, will turn two-years-old this summer. They are two spoiled Westie sisters. If you’ve never heard of a Westie, th...

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  • Ladybug

    Raindrops and a ladybug cling to a stalk of wheat at the Oklahoma State University Research Station at Lahoma, Oklahoma, May 8. For the week ending May 10, all districts in Oklahoma recorded above nor...
  • Wheat

    The sun sets on some green, immature heads of Hard Red Winter Wheat in Oklahoma. Recent rainfall in the Cherokee, Oklahoma, area has improved a dim drought situation. Although this year's crop will no...
  • Canola

    Canola is in bloom near Kiowa, Kansas. After 4 inches of rain over the past three weeks, the crops have improved some, although the rain didn't come in time to improve the yields dramatically. (Journa...
  • Calf

    Rainfall across the Southern Plains has not only encouraged crops, pastures have greened up, allowing more grazing for cattle. (Journal photo by Lacey Newlin.)
  • Sunset

    The sun sets through the window of an abandoned farm house near Ashland, Kansas in this 2015 file photo. (Journal photo by Jennifer M. Latzke.)
  • Calf

    A white calf pauses by the fenceline while grazing wheat pasture south of Bucklin, Kansas. (Journal photo by Jennifer M. Latzke.)
  • Windmill

    The sun sets on the western horizon behind this windmill near Ashland, Kansas. (Journal photo by Jennifer M. Latzke.)